Selecting Vendors 

Choosing wedding vendors is one of the more important things you’ll do as you plan your wedding. 

 A few rules to live by... 

  • Have fun with it; try to find the vendors that match your personalities and the vibe of the wedding you are going for. 

  • Don’t ignore red flags. If a vendor takes a long time to get back to you, comes across as flaky, or your gut tells you to be wary, pay attention. You are going to have to work with this person for months and you will be counting on them to come through for you on your wedding day. You want to assemble a crew of vendors who you enjoy and you know will have your back.  

  • Get 2-3 quotes from vendors in each category. You will learn a lot through the process – one florist may charge a lot less but by reviewing their quote you realize they offer fewer services than the other...and you want those services.  

  • Nothing is firm until you have signed paperwork and have given them a deposit. Don’t take someone’s word for granted. A good vendor will always be happy to send you a contract and deposit request so you can both rest assured.  

  • Double and triple check the date, time, location and services are all listed correctly on your contract with a vendor.  

  • Always check reviews. If a vendor isn’t listed on Yelp, ask them for client references. Good vendors will always be happy to share references.  

Sourcing Your Vendors 

  • Yelp is tried and true; it’s always a good resource. You have to take reviews with a grain of salt but it’s hard to argue with multiple five-star reviews....or three-star reviews.   

  • Referrals from friends. Think of other weddings you’ve been to (if they are in the same location as your wedding) and ask for referrals. 

  • Vendor recommendations from other vendors. Your vendors have exposure to so many other wedding vendors and have seen many of them working behind the scenes so get a great sense for their integrity and quality of their work. They know the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

  • Your favorite wedding websites usually have vendor listings. That can be a good way to source, though those are usually if not always paid listings with minimal vetting, so be sure to qualify them by also looking up reviews on Yelp or other places.  

Assembling vendors you love can make a huge difference in how excited and how well taken care of you feel. Have fun with it!  


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