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Paper - to print templates

Some of the items sold in The Big Day Box suites are templates that will need to be printed - the seating charts, place cards, menus, and programs.

We sell Strathmore Bright White Wove 88lb to match our printed products. 


Below is guidance to get an idea of how many sheets of paper you will need. If the math is making your head spin or you feel overwhelmed thinking of # of tables or guests, we recommend simply ordering 300 sheets and calling it a day (that estimates 200 guests and 20 tables PLUS gives you some extra as a cushion). Or you can simply put off paper ordering and buy it from any copy shop or the web when you are ready to print.


You will need to select either escort cards or seating charts to help your guests find their seats for dinner.

When printing seating charts, each table will only take one half of a sheet. So if you have 16 tables, you only need 8 sheets of paper. If you don't know how many tables you have yet, we recommend estimating you have 20 tables x .5 sheet per table = 10 sheets.

When printing place cards, each sheet has space for 8 names. So if you have no more than 8 people at a table (less common) you only need one sheet for each table. If you have over 8 people at any table (most common) you need two sheets for those tables. To be safe we recommend estimating two sheets for each table. If you don't know how many tables you have yet, we recommend estimating you'll have 20 tables x 2 sheets per table = 40 sheets

When printing programs, a simple program with a cover, and text on two inside panels is one sheet. You can estimate 1 program per guest. If you don't know how many guests you have yet, we recommend over estimating at the highest number. That said, some guests will share programs, so this is an extra high estimate. 150 guests = 150 sheets.

When printing menus, two menus can be printed on one sheet of paper. If you plan to place a menu on each guest's place setting, you will need one sheet of paper per every two guests. 200 guests x .5 sheets = 100 sheets. OR you may simply want to place 2-4 menus on each table; 20 tables x 4 menus = 80 then 80 menus x .5 sheets = 40 sheets.


Please also note we do not offer any customizations at this time. Please read the description above very carefully.

Your happiness is our number one concern! Please reach out any time with questions or for technical support!

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